HPV Vaccine Cancer Prevention Champion

5/23/2018. In the coming months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI), and American Cancer Society (ACS) are once again partnering to recognize immunization providers who are successfully preventing HPV cancers, through timely vaccination of their adolescent patient population. The HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion Award program will serve to motivate clinicians to adopt effective recommendation practices, and help educate clinicians on the individual- and practice-level changes that can improve HPV vaccination rates. The program also serves reinforcement for parental audiences that HPV vaccination is an important part of cancer prevention and a normal part of adolescent immunization.

Minimum nomination requirements:

  • Nominee must be a clinician, clinic, practice, group, or health system that treats adolescents as a part of their overall patient population.
  • Nominee must have achieved a minimum vaccination coverage level of 60% series completion according to ACIP recommendations for the patient population aged 13–15 years seen in the last 24 months.
  • The rate must account for both female and male patients. Vaccination under the two-dose schedule (two doses given at least five months apart in children ages 9–14 years) satisfies series completion, as does the original three-dose schedule.

Champions should also meet one or more of the following judging criteria:

  • Leadership: The candidate is considered an authority on immunization in his or her community, medical system, or individual practice. Activities may include acting as a spokesperson, trainer, mentor, or educator.
  • Collaboration: The candidate has worked to build support for and increase immunization rates in adolescents. Activities may include establishing or strengthening partnerships, coalitions, committees, working groups, or other programs.
  • Innovation: The candidate has used creative or innovative strategies to promote immunization or address challenges to immunization in his or her practice, community, state, or region. Activities may include both new strategies and adapting existing strategies in new ways.

The Department of Health and Social Services / Division of Public Health will be using coverage level data from the Immunization Information System (aka DelVAX), for the series completion data. If you wish to be considered for this award, please ensure that all HPV Vaccinations have either been entered into DelVAX or has been submitted for entry. In addition, please review your client roster against the roster in DelVAX to ensure the appropriate number of clients are being counted in your coverage rate.

Please contact Jim Talbott, Director, Immunization and Vaccines for Children with any questions.