HPV Vaccine Cancer Prevention Champion

Congratulations to Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Delaware’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!

Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Shipley Street (Nemours/Shipley), is a small clinic in rural southern Delaware, treating approximately 2,200 patients on a broad spectrum of socioeconomic levels. Nemours/Shipley has a strong focus on preventative care, and builds and maintains strong family connections through clear and timely communication with patients and families.

The staff at Nemours/Shipley are recognized as experts in HPV vaccinations on several levels. The lead physician, Dr. Harry A. Lehman, serves on a “Cross Campus” committee comprised of stakeholders to develop in-office education to boost HPV coverage rates. Kim Reed, the lead nurse, is a Vaccine Coordinator within the Nemours Clinic system, and has worked on several pilot programs aimed at tracking and improving immunization rates. The office is active in vaccine quality improvement projects, including DelVAX (Delaware’s Immunization Information System, or IIS) AFIX reports training, utilizing IIS reports to accurately maintain the client roster, and using reminder/recall efforts to bring patients in to complete their vaccine series. HPV vaccine rates are also tracked through Nemours’ benchmark reporting and are included in daily Huddle Board discussions.

Nemours/Shipley focuses on preventative care at the highest level of service. The staff acknowledges that if children and families are not seen on a regular basis, opportunities to build trusting relationships, as well as vaccination opportunities, will be missed. To accomplish this, the clinic schedules adolescent patient checkups one year in advance for routine wellness visits. They also send reminder/recalls and mailings as well as e-mail and text reminders through their patient portal.

Nemours/Shipley believes in the importance of HPV vaccinations from the top down. These consistent and collaborative efforts have resulted in an 81% HPV vaccine series completion rate for their 13-15 year old patients, making Nemours dupont Pediatrics, Shipley Street, Delaware’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!

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