Immunization is one of the most effective public health prevention strategies!

Our Mission

To bring together local, state and community organizations and individuals to promote education about vaccine preventable diseases and new vaccines, with the goal of improving access and vaccination rates throughout the lifespan.

Who We Are

The ICD is a diverse group of passionate, energetic, and committed partners working together to ensure that no one in Delaware suffers from vaccine preventable illnesses. We believe this can be achieved through focusing our efforts on education, advocacy, and access.

Our Beginnings

  • 2001: The Delaware Flu Coalition was established to unite interests throughout Delaware and promote the Influenza Vaccine
  • 2006: The DFC became the Immunization Coalition of Delaware (ICD) – scope includes all vaccine-preventable diseases
  • 2012: The ICD is recognized with the Delaware Public Health Recognition Award
  • 2013: The ICD becomes a program of the Delaware Academy of Medicine/Delaware Public Health Association (Academy/DPHA).
  • 2015: First program manager engaged through a contract with the Delaware Division of Public Health.  The Academy/DPHA now houses and supports the activities of the ICD


  • Work in partnership with our members and their organizations
  • Advocate for policy issues related to childhood, adolescent, and adult immunizations
  • Reduce disparities in adult access to immunizations
  • Shape the healthcare process and outcomes for Delaware residents in relation to vaccine preventable disease


  • Hospitals, Community Health Centers
  • Delaware Division of Public Health
  • Universities
  • Delaware Academy of Medicine
  • Professional Associations
  • Medical Society of Delaware
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • School nurses, physicians and other interested individuals


icd@delamed.org | 302-733-5571