Why Immunize?

Videos From the American Academy of Pediatrics

Video: Why do Pediatricians Vaccinate?
Video: Why are Childhood Vaccines Important?
Video: The Importance of Childhood Vaccines (Spanish)
Video: Teen Vaccines

Child Vaccination Across America

Vaccines Today

How vaccines can help beat antimicrobial resistance (video)

The Economics of Vaccines

Vaccines are expensive to develop and it can take decades to get them to market. This means promising vaccines often sit in laboratory freezers during major epidemics. That is what happened during the 2014 Ebola outbreak, which killed more than 11,000 people.

Watch the podcast here.

Because Vaccines Prevent Disease.

From VaccineNews.net:

Want some visual proof?

Because Vaccines Are Tested for Safety.  Frequently.

Watch this CDC Video: How are vaccines tested for safety?

Step 1: Clinical Trials

Step 2: ACIP sign off.

Step 3: Continuous Monitoring

Because Some People Can’t Be Vaccinated

Herd immunity is an important concept for people who can’t be vaccinated, either because they are allergic to vaccine components, are immunocompromised (like people with cancer or HIV), or for another reason (infants and pregnant mothers).  Vaccines.gov explains herd immunity:

Watch some videos on Herd Immunity here.

Because We Know They Work

And they’re not just for children!  Check out “The importance of vaccines for older adults:” YouTube Video

Have more questions about vaccines?  Check out Vaxopedia, an A to Z guide to vaccines, created by Dr. Vincent Iannelli!