Consumer Podcasts

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  • Big Kids Need Shots Too (2:55)
    Dr. Robin Curtis discusses the importance of keeping older children up-to-date for recommended vaccines. (Created: 8/29/2013)
  • HPV Vaccine (3:35)
    The HPV vaccine protects against the most frequent cancer-causing types of human papillomavirus. Shannon Stokley discusses the importance of getting the HPV vaccine series. (Created: 7/25/2013 by MMWR; series name: “A Cup of Health with CDC”)
  • Vaccines Help Protect Us (1:40)
    In this podcast for kids, the Kidtastics talk about the importance of vaccines and how they work. (Created: 4/23/2013)
  • Immunizing Infants (0:59)
    Parents can protect the health of their children by making sure they’re up-to-date on all recommended vaccines. This podcast discusses the importance of childhood immunization. (Created: 4/18/2013)